Because we’re all really tired…

Give your brain a break

An eye-opening, 3-part, virtual training series to teach you how to turn down the dial on anxiety, overwhelm, and that feeling of being exhausted and on the verge of tears all. the. time.

It seems like everytime you scroll Instagram or Facebook, there’s yet another earth-shattering, life-altering story filling your feed.

Yesterday maybe it was the economy. Today it may be the climate crisis.

Tomorrow? Who knows…

And as you’ve probably noticed, the world is showing NO signs of calming down.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

We’re born with brains that are ready and waiting to freak out at the slightest provocation!

(I know, it’s a design flaw, I’ve already submitted several complaints to evolution but I never get a response!)


  • to put themselves last,
  • to work themselves to exhaustion, and
  • to feel guilty for ever resting or recuperating from anything.

So even if you know what might help you turn the energy dial back up, you have a hard time letting yourself prioritize it.

It’s no wonder we’re burnt out.

The good news is that while we’re not born knowing how to feel resilient and empowered, it is something we can LEARN.

And that’s exactly what I’ll teach you how to create in the Burnout Breakthrough.


You’re going to learn what actually creates burnout. We’ll dive into exactly what happens in your brain and nervous system when you get burnt out. You’ll learn one practice you can start doing right away to help your nervous system relax and recalibrate.

Part 02: Internal burnout

No matter who you are, sometimes the world just feels like way too much. A lot happens outside of us that we can’t control. So we have to learn how to create more resilience in how we respond. In Part 2, you’ll learn how to handle it when things outside your control are stressing you out.

Part 03: External burnout

You’ll learn why women and other marginalized people are more likely to feel burnt out, and how you can literally change your brain to avoid that fate. In Part 3, you’ll learn the one crucial skill you need to undo the damage of this socialization on your brain and heal burnout from within.

All you need is a notebook and pen, and a laptop or device to access your email and watch the trainings. Each training video is about 30 minutes.

The world is always going to keep on turning.

There will always be so many things beyond our control. Whether it’s a crisis on the global stage, or a conflict in our own bedroom.
What we can learn to control is how we show up to the challenges the world presents.
It is possible to care about the world, to care about your life, and to create an amazing version of this human experience – all without overwhelm, anxiety, or burnout. That’s what I now know how to do, and that’s what I want for you.

That’s what the Burnout Breakthrough is all about.

The Burnout Breakthrough