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I’m Kara Loewentheil, Master Certified Coach. I have degrees from Harvard and Yale, and I’m an expert in helping women feel calm, confident, and secure in their relationships.

I wasn’t always such a cool cucumber. I used to freak out whenever a text went unanswered for more than 5 minutes. I used to feel my heart race every time I got an email from a colleague, boss, or even family member.

I tried everything out there to try and calm my relationship anxiety. I went to therapy, did meditation, broke up with friends, traded boyfriends in one after the other. None of it solved the problem. I’d find myself once again staring at my phone, willing it to ring as the stress and anxiety coursed through my body.

It wasn’t until I discovered how to hack my brain to resolve relationship anxiety that I was able to change my desperate need for reassurance and validation 24/7.

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