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A 2-Day Intersectional Coaching Masterclass

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2022

In person in Nashville, TN or Online


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You’re having a run-of-the-mill conversation and feeling calm and capable until, suddenly, your client drops a bombshell.

  • “My boss sexually harassed me.”
  • “I got called a racial slur on the way to work today.”
  • “I tried to talk to my doctor about getting that MRI like we talked about, but she said my only problem is that I’m too fat and she refused to order it.”

Your heart drops. The adrenaline starts rushing.
You freeze. 
You don’t know WHAT to do or say.

Theoretically, you know you’re supposed to be able to coach on everything. It’s all just thoughts, right? 

But your client is telling you to your face that they have experienced discrimination, or oppression, or injustice. 

Telling them to “just change their thoughts about it” doesn’t feel good.

And the last thing you want is for your client to think you’re being insensitive. 

But you also don’t want to be “in the pool” and just agree with them, because that’s not what you’re supposed to do as a coach either. 

So you fumble, you mumble, you ask circular questions, your client gets more confused or more distressed or checks out entirely, and you end the session feeling ashamed and incompetent. 

Maybe your client never comes back. 

Or they do, but they don’t bring the topic up again. 

You’re secretly relieved, but you also sense trust has been broken. 

Important space hasn’t been held. A transformation has been missed. 

You’re right about that. You missed a powerful opportunity for change. 

But it’s not your fault. 

Most coach training programs simply do not prepare you for complex issues like racism, discrimination, or injustice

Standard coach trainings are great at teaching you the basics to coach people on garden variety life issues. 

Unavoidably, they teach you how to coach people just like the people who created the curriculum. That’s just human nature! We teach what we know. 

But your clients may not have the same life experiences your coaching mentors did. And you may not have the same life experiences your clients do.

Which means you're probably missing important information - not just about the thoughts, but about the actual facts impacting your client’s experience. 


ACFC provided a framework to understand that humans have a lived experience often complicated by intersectional identities each with their own pieces of inherited, unconscious baggage. For a moment it’s like when a kaleidoscope clicks into view – there is a brief glimpse of clarity and an invitation to examine its complexity all at once. I know (as a white woman) I have a lot more work to do in understanding my white privilege and my role in dismantling systemic racism. After ACFC, I have a starting point; I know I have a role and a responsibility to figure out.


Complex topics like discrimination, oppression, and injustice cannot be effectively coached with a simplistic one-size-fits-all approach. 

They require a sophisticated form of thought work to balance recognition of unfair and unjust realities with techniques to improve resilience and empower your clients.

Acknowledging the intersections of structure, sexism, racism, ableism, sizeism, and all other forms of discrimination does not weaken your coaching. It strengthens it. 

But, my friend…

You have to know how to coach in a way so your clients don’t feel more overwhelmed and disempowered than they were before. 

(Otherwise, your calendar - and your bank account - won’t be as full as they could be!)

It’s true that some of your client’s thoughts still have to change, even when you are dealing with sensitive topics. 

The trick is knowing which ones. 

And then building the trust allowing you to challenge them.





(and Make More Money

When You Do)


An Intersectional Coaching Masterclass

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2022

Nashville, TN & Online


*Enroll now - Seats are very limited to ensure a high-touch experience.  

I’m a Black woman and I coach Black women. This work helped me speak to my people even more clearly. 

As a woman of color, it gave me more foundational background to help me explain this is why we think the way we think. It helps me coach my own people so much better.

And even as a Black woman coaching Black women, many of my clients may also have other identities (sexuality, size, abilities). The Intersectional Feminist Model helps me support and coach my clients through all their dimensions and identities.

- Brig Johnson

What is “Intersectional Coaching” & why am I the person to teach it?

What does “intersectionality” mean & why is it important in coaching?

Intersectionality is a concept coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw, a Black law professor, to describe the ways in which having different marginalized identities and experiencing different forms of oppression impacts people’s lives. 

These systems and identities intersect – so it’s not simply a matter of being a man or a woman, or being white or a person of color, or any other duality. 

Instead, it allows us to see, for example, that while white women experience sexism, black women experience both racism and sexism, and the intersection of these systems is unique to their experience.

Intersectional Coaching gives you a framework for acknowledging the existence of discrimination and injustice in the world without accidentally disempowering your clients even further.

I developed my Intersectional Coaching Framework based on my decades of study and work in feminist theory, law and policy. 

It’s grounded in my training as a Master Certified Life Coach, and my experience coaching and teaching thousands of women with incredibly diverse lived experiences. 

It will transform not only your coaching, but your business. Because all the messages your clients have absorbed, YOUR BRAIN has also absorbed. They are f*cking up your self-confidence as a coach, and they are f*cking up your business too.

So believe me when I tell you: 

There’s no other training available in the coaching world like it. Nothing else even comes close.   

I normally only teach this work in my 4-month, application-only $20,000 Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching - and my $20,000 Feminist Business Mastermind.

But I want this work to reach so many more coaches, because every coach needs this. 

That’s why for the first – and possibly only! – time, I’m offering this live two-day Masterclass live in person or online. 

You’ll discover the key concepts and tools you need to bring an intersectional lens to your coaching work and business in just 48 brilliance-packed hours.


An Intersectional Coaching Masterclass

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2022

Nashville, TN & Online


*Financial scholarships are available. See below for information.

The world needs these conversations

I feel so blessed to have taken the certification with Kara because I can impart so many things to my students. We talk about hierarchy in coaching relationships and how holding the space is also a powerful tool especially when coaching on racism, misogyny, trauma, etc. The world needs more of this, especially in light of conversations happening in other coaching spaces.

Judith Gaton

Who should attend How to Coach the “Scary” Stuff?

This live coaching intensive is for anyone who is a coach, regardless of where or how you were trained and certified.

This training is essential - whether you have an incredibly diverse coaching roster, or you coach clients who look just like you. 

Because if you coach women - or anyone socialized as a woman - this work will deepen your expertise, broaden your vision, and empower you to coach confidently on any tricky topic. 

And even when you share similar backgrounds and lived experiences with your clients, your brain is also being impacted by the socialization you’ve received. 

Which means that you’re often in the pool with them and you don’t even know it. 

If you haven’t learned how the socialization you’ve received impacts your own brain, then you can’t spot it in your clients even if they have similar brains to yours. 

This training doesn’t just equip you to coach your clients better. 

It teaches you how to coach yourself better.

Kara is one of the most brilliant minds in the coaching industry

I signed up to study with her for 2 reasons:

  1. I wanted inclusive & liberatory social values to be at the FOREFRONT of my coaching and business philosophies, as opposed to a “nice to have” afterthought, and;


  2. I wanted to be challenged to sharpen my thinking and craft by one of the most brilliant and original minds in the coaching industry.

Kara pushed me to think harder than ever before. To coach myself harder and with more compassion than ever before (and therefore equip myself to do the same with my clients).

As a result, my business is so much more joyful, and every dollar I earn is more soulful.


To be clear... This isn’t a business tactics training. But it will uplevel your business more than tactics ever could.

That’s because when you don’t understand how systems of oppression and intersectionality impacts your clients’ lives, you can’t communicate to them that you understand it. 

You can’t give your clients the trust they need to know you can hold the space for their own experience and transformation.

You also can’t see the ways that socialization is actually deeply screwing up your money mindset, your self-concept as a business owner, and the way you market, sell, and generate revenue. 

On the other hand,

When you do understand this work at a deep level, everything transforms. 

The way you speak. 

The way you market. 

The way you teach. 

Your confidence skyrockets. 

Your compassion and your humility and your ability to speak to people in a way that meets them where they are creates space for bigger and more powerful transformation. 

And that level of coaching brings in more referrals, more clients and more revenue.

The Intersectional Coaching Framework helped me...

    • Separate my self-worth from productivity and results in my coaching business
    • Coach my clients with a higher level of accuracy and compassionate understanding of how the patriarchy impacts women's self-concept in all aspects of our lives
    • Elevate my own intellectual property from the nuanced lens of intersectional feminism

This is an essential program for every coach who considers herself a feminist and works with women.


Each day, we’ll meet 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., break for lunch, then resume 2:30-5:30 p.m.

Sessions will be a combination of live training and breakout sessions.


The best way to spot how socialization is impacting your clients and understand how to coach them around the “scary” stuff is learning how to coach yourself around it too.

      • You will see how systems of oppression (sexism, racism, sizeism, etc.) operate in society and how this impacts your brain.
      • You will learn how the way you’ve been taught to think about yourself is showing up in unconscious ways and impacting how you run your business.
      • You will discover the ways that socialization is actually holding you back from helping more people AND making more money.

By the end of Day 1 you’ll see how the way you’ve been taught to think about yourself is subconsciously dictating how you show up in your business and the results you’re creating.


How to coach your clients with an intersectional approach.

      • You will learn how the systems of oppression you learned about yesterday impact your clients.
      • You will build the skill of  collaborating with your client to coach effectively even when you have a different lived experience.  
      • You will practice the skill of holding space for the reality of injustice without disempowering your clients.

By the end of Day 2 your coaching will be deeper, richer, and more transformative.

You’ll feel capable of handling any topic that comes up in coaching, no matter how tricky or sensitive it seems.

When: September 17-18, 2022
Where: Nasvhille, TN or Online

How it works: when you buy your ticket, you’ll choose IN-PERSON in Nashville, TN or ONLINE from anywhere (spots are limited for both!).

You’ll receive a confirmation email with additional information.

Participating in-person: you will be responsible for your own travel fees and lodging. Your confirmation email will include a room block link if you'd like to book a discounted hotel room at the event venue. Closer to the event, we'll also send you information on things to do in vibrant Nashville!

Participating online: we encourage you to book a hotel room or AirBnB in your hometown for the length of the event to create a gorgeous retreat for yourself!

Covid Notice: all in-person attendees are required to have proof of primary vaccination (initial 2 doses) in order to attend. We will collect proof of vaccination after your registration. Additionally, all in-person attendees will be required to submit via email a negative PCR or supervised rapid test results from a test taken within 72 hours of event start.

During the event: you’ll have plenty of time each day to assimilate, digest, discuss, and work on what you’ve learned in the mornings and evenings. Processing your learning as it happens is essential!

The investment is the same for online or in-person.

1 PAYMENT OF $4999 or 2 PAYMENTS OF $2499

Limited seats for online and in-person. We typically sell out our live events in 2-3 days.
You must be a coach to attend.
There are no refunds or cancellations once you reserve a spot. Please review the Covid Notice, above.


Financial Assistance Available 

If you need financial assistance to make your participation possible, you may apply for a grant from the Feminist Mindset Revolution Fund. The fund will award a limited number of partial scholarships up to $2,500 for this program. 

To apply for a scholarship, please click here to submit your application. 

Please note that if you are not selected, you will likely not be able to register as a full-tuition student, as the event will likely be sold out. These scholarships are for those who truly are not able to participate unless they receive financial support.

I now understand myself better, and I can help my clients understand themselves better

I don’t think I fully understood at the time the degree to which unrecognized patriarchy was showing up in my own life! That was one of the most transformative parts! To just see my own life through the lens of the legacy and the on-going patriarchal aspects that  I was not even aware of! I had my own transformation while at the same time learning how to help my clients recognize patriarchal thinking.

Because intersectionality means understanding multiple perspectives, I’m not teaching this course alone. 

I’ll be joined by several incredible graduates of my Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching, who will share their experiences integrating this work into their coaching and their businesses. 


Sara helps women stop people-pleasing so they can create goals they love and learn how to reach them.


Elana McKernan is a creativity coach for perfectionists. She helps her clients get out of their own way so they can create joyfully and share their art with the world.


Sonia Wright is a medical doctor, a sexual counselor and a certified life coach. She is the host of The Midlife Sex Coach For Women Podcast and she is on a mission to help women create the sexual intimacy of their dreams!


Judith Gaton is a style coach for curvy women and author of How to Be a F*cking Lady.


Brenda is a master life coach, holistic nutrition specialist, and creator of The Last 10 Program. Her program has helped hundreds of women create a loving, peaceful, and empowered relationship with themselves, their bodies, and food.

Amazing coaches. Best event ever. Life changing.

There were so many amazing coaches who listened and cut through the crap to come up with these shocking insights to rock my world. Loved it all and felt like I was so with my people.

This was the best multi-day event I've ever attended. So well planned and executed. I was actively engaged and fully attentive all three days. Life changing. Thank you!


This training isn’t for the faint of heart. 

It will hurt your brain.

It will impact your soul.

And yet, it will set you free in ways you can’t even imagine yet. As a coach and as a human.

You’ll need to dig deep. 

You’ll need to grapple with your own blind spots and limitations.

But I’m going to teach you how to do that without fear or shame. 

Because that’s what you’ll need to teach your clients, so they can go out and change their lives – and the world. 



(and Make More Money

When You Do)



I’ve made radical shifts in my coaching and my success with this work

I joined to explore the intersection of coaching and social justice. I now see radical shifts in my own thinking, my own happiness, my business and how I coach. By coming face-to-face with the ways I’ve been socialized I’ve changed the success criteria for my own life. I cannot endorse this work enough.

Emily Leathers

An incredible event - even online!

I was a little worried about how this event would work online, but it was incredible! The days were amazing. The learning will make every day from now on more amazing. I've never been to an event like this. It blew all of my conscious and unconscious expectations out of the water!